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Air Conditioner Fan R&D Center

About us


Air Conditioner Fans R&D Center previously was named Sunwill Air Conditioner Fans Research Institute which was established in 1995. With the development in the past years, we have consolidated a strong technical force with rich expertise and practical experience. We have utilized advanced CAD and CAE technology and fast forming system auxiliary design which could design various styles of fans that meet the request of clients fast. Our company possesses many of fans performance testing stations manufactured by Shanghai SATAKE and other brands, Brüel & Kjer noise vibration testers and high and low-temperature laboratories. The testing range of air flow is 7~30000 m3/h and the pressure testing range is 0~2000 Pa, which can satisfy various experimental request in R&D of fans. In addition, the center also actively cooperates with Huazhong University of Science & Technology, Xi’an Jiao Tong University and many of research institutes to jointly set up laboratories for scientific research which has greatly upgraded the R&D ability for the center.




Testing Ability

Our company has been customer oriented and has devoted great effort to quality management in order to continually upgrade the overall quality management standard. We have set up many of laboratories for experimenting and testing the products from R&D to mass production. Our laboratories include measurement laboratory, physics and chemistry laboratory, reliability laboratory, etc.. Our company also has a range of testing equipments, such as projectors, salt-spray chamber, microprocessor controlled universal electronic tester, falling body tester, torque tester and so on in order to control the quality from materials to delivery.