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Engineering Plastics R&D Center

About us


The engineering R&D center has a strong technical force with high education and senior professional titles and has rich theoretical and practical experience, We have become a certified engineering center, and the product we has developed has once been awarded with the second prize of Zhongshan Science and Technology Achievements. Our company actively cooperates with universities and research institutes and has continually undertaken innovations. We possesses various professional testing instruments and complete development and experimental devices, such as the German BRUKER VECTOR22 infrared spectrometer, thermogravimetry tester (TGA), Toyo Seiki fusion index meter, thermal deformeter, X-RITE spectrum color photometer (USA), universal tester manufactured by Shenzhen Sans Electronics and a range of development and experimental devices.





Testing Ability

Our company possesses complete plastic testing equipments imported from Japan which can be used to test tensile strength, bending strength, heat-deformation temperature, vicat softening temperature, cantilever and free beam impact performance, UL94, glow wire test, etc.. Our company has strict and standard testing rules and has assigned specific testing personnel to ensure strict testing from materials, manufacturing processes to delivery in order to satisfy the requirements of clients.