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Zhongshan Saitech

Zhongshan Saitech Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd.



Zhongshan Saitech Engineering Plastics Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary affiliated to Guangdong Sunwill Precising Plasitc Co., Ltd. and it is a hi-tech company that is engaged in developing, producing and selling modified plastics and it also provides after-sale service. It has over 20 advanced automatic products lines and currently it has the capacity of producing 80,000 tons of modified plastics per year. It is planned that its annual production of modified plastics will be increased to 150,000 tons in 2015 when the new factory starts operation.

The major products it offers include reinforced AS, ABS, PA, PP, PC and PBT; fire retarding ABS, HIPS, PA, PP, PC and PBT; weather-proof ABS and PP; toughened PP, PC/ABS, alloys, etc.. The products are broadly used in the industries of air conditioners, electric fans, electronics, household electric appliances, business machines, automobiles, transportation, construction, toys, lamps, medical products, energy, etc..
The R&D staffs of this company have made continuous breakthroughs in product development to satisfy market demand and have been seeking opportunities in solving complicated problems. The laboratory center has the highly qualified specialists and world advanced equipments and has set a series of professional laboratories, to include the analysis and test laboratory, recipe science laboratory, material science laboratory and material processing laboratory.
This company has received the titles of National Hi-tech Enterprise, Municipal Enterprise Technology Center and Municipal Engineering Technology R&D Center. The toughened PP material and several material projects of this company have been awarded the second prize of Municipal Technology and New Products. It has 15 invention and utility-model patents.
The excellent company culture of Zhongshan Saitech has enabled it to gather a team of excellent human resources. For years, it has adhered to market orientation in technical innovation and has established cooperation with Sun Yat-Sen University and Sichuan University and a number of scientific research institutes and manufacturing companies and it has continuously made technical innovations and breakthroughs and has maintained its leading position in the R&D in this industry. For years, Zhongshan Saitech has exhibited itself as a material specialist and has won favor from the electric appliance and automobile industries in China by providing quality after-sale service and it had been highly praised by overseas clients in Southeast Asia, USA and Europe. It has added radiance to the molding, plastics and electric appliance companies under Sunwill.
This company takes clients as its core and has provided broad and in-depth material, service and technologies and it has become one of the major manufacturers of modified plastics in South China, Central China and East China. Its products are both sold in the Chinese domestic market and have been exported to Southeast Asia, USA and Europe.
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