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March Rain

Guangdong Sunwill March Rain Micro Irrigation Technology Development Co., Ltd.


    Guangdong Sunwill March Rain Micro Irrigation Technology Development Co., Ltd. is a professional company that integrates R&D, production, sale of micro irrigation products. This company is dedicated to producing high-accuracy, hi-tech and high-stability high-end micro irrigation products. Its products have reached the advanced level of the world and have filled in the void of high-end micro irrigation products in China. Its major products include embedded compensation emitter or compensation drip irrigation pipe, on-pipe compensation emitter, spraying equipment, micro sprayer, head and intelligent control components which can be broadly used for landscaping, orchards, green houses and high value crops.


    Guangdong Sunwill March Rain Micro Irrigation Technology Development Co., Ltd. is affiliated to Guangdong Sunwill Precision Plastic Co., Ltd.. Sunwill is a public company that is engaged in designing and manufacturing precision plastic injection molds and precision plastic components an in the R&&D of modified plastic materials with a history of over 20 years. It is famous for its precision moulds and plastic components. It has become a strong support to March Rain Micro Irrigation Technology Development Co., Ltd..


    The company aims at high accuracy, high technology and high stability and has adhered to the management concept of sincerity and is willing to cooperate with all to contribute to the effective use of water resource and improvement of ecological environment.


1.Higher harvest and less investment
With the increased population in the world, the natural resources have become less. Effective conservation of resources has become the topic of daily life. March Rain Micro Irrigation promotes the concept of conservation and helps clients to realize their dream of higher harvest and less investment. As a promoter of water conservation, March Rain Micro Irrigation helps our clients to produce high-quality and high-output crops through its solutions while reducing the consumption natural resources.



2.Cooperate with nature instead of resisting it
March Rain Micro Irrigation takes protection of natural environment as its responsibility and it utilizes the land, water and other resources with simpler and more effective ways in order to protect the natural resources in the world. No matter today of in the future, less waste means high output. Therefore, the highly effective solutions will benefit you and the great nature.




3、Concern: Let our resources to better serve our customers
March Rain is dedicated to providing effective solutions to customers worldwide. Micro-irrigation products include: embedded compensation emitter and compensation emitting pipe, tube type compensation emitter, sprinkler, micro-sprinkler, header and intelligent control unit, and etc.




4、higher yield with lower water consumption
As the driving force behind efficient water programs for global agriculture and farming landscape,our mission is to promote the change in water use of global agriculture by means of the concept of high tech, high precision and high stability.





5、Green house
March Rain will serve you with professional knowledge in climate and crop. We will create a greenhouse program to meet your needs, and optimally combine various agricultural factors with technological innovation to increase your earnings.